Unlike other companies, Pavan.org - makes Quality Assurance a subset of the overall usability cycle. You can rest easy knowing that your website or software application will work smoothly and be error free even after delivery.

Quality Management

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Quality Management

Quality management is not merely a buzz word, but a reality in today's cut throat market environment, now the moot point is, what is the yardstick of judging quality management? What methodology should be applied? So that, you can effectively do your quality management. Quality control, quality improvement and quality assurance, is the basic component of quality management. Quality management means you are not only focusing to product quality but also, you are using it, as a means to achieve it. We are exactly doing the same by implementing our own methodology to do that. Over the years, we have done a lot of projects and on the basis of that we can say, at the end of the day, end-customer satisfaction is the most and the only yardstick, on which you can judge your quality management. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you, until now, we have got excellent feed backs from our clients, which is the biggest award and certificate for us. That is why, our client list is absolutely impressive and improving with each passing day.

Pavan.org is the leading web design and web development , internet marketing and search engine optimization company, which is India based, with its headquarters in Bhopal. All our employees follow a documented Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure that software and web based services provided by Pavan.org conforms to the specified requirements. That is why, we are quite consistent in our services and improved our efficiency by smartly managing our time and resources, and at the same time, we constantly improved our quality management system. We believe, we are as good or as bad as our resources are, that is why we believe in hiring and retaining people, who are qualified engineers and graduates. WE do believe in providing training, so that they can always improve their know-how, which is absolutely essential, if you want to maintain your quality because at the end of the day, only quality matters nothing else. In our company nobody believes in passing the buck, everybody knows their responsibility.

We follow the following Standard Quality Process.
  • Measuring end Customer Satisfaction- which is the most and the only important thing that matter to us.
  • Measuring Quality- we use score cards, feedbacks forms etc to know where exactly we stand as far as quality management is concerned
  • Providing feedback- through a combination of written, real-time and oral feedback sessions,feedbacks are absolutely essential if you want to improve your quality.
  • Calibrating our Quality scores with our clients and end-user Customer Satisfaction data

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