Android Game Programming

Nowadays, mobile phone has become a multipurpose device allowing the user much more than communication. As we know that personal entertainment industry is booming, and mobile game development is becoming one of the fastest growing sectors. Game development in the Google Android mobile phones are growing rapidly among the Android users as well professional game developers. Android is certainly one of the top players among classic handsets. While iPhones are gaining a colossal success, porting games and development of games on mobile is becoming a huge marketplace. In fact, mobile game programming is fast catching the imagination of the programmers. : Mobile Game Programming is one of the leading freelance web design, development and search engine optimization company of India, and has the working experience and expertise in Android mobile game programming. We utilize our programming specialization and deliver the innovative animated game for the android 3G. We provide the scalable solutions in mobile game programming. Our Android mobile game programming team completely understands the needs and requirements of the client, only after that they go for the idea bouncing session, where they decide the basic game idea, game design, develop the storyline, and finally programming. Programming team always take few things into the account like, screen size, image format support, processor speed, and much before they start their work. Professionalism, transparency, commitment, competitive pricing, timely delivery of the project, and much more, make our game programming team different from others. We are also providing affordable and professional services in Apple iPhone games development, Symbian mobile games development, BlackBerry mobile game development, Windows mobile game development, etc.

The Google Android has good features like,

  • Application framework enabling reuse and replacement of components,
  • Optimized graphics powered by a custom 2D graphics library;
  • 3D graphic based on the OpenGL ES 1.0 specifications,
  • Media support for common audio, video and still image formats (MPEG4, H.264, MP3, AAC, AMR, JPG, PNG, GIF)
  • CPS, Compass and accelerometer

If you are looking to develop interactive games and custom applications for Android, contact us we have the resources, the knowledge and the capability to optimise in all fields where game software can fetch substantial returns.