Market place website are playing important role in removing the middle man, now one can directly interact with the potential business or the customer. Starting a b2b, b2c or c2c website can be good mean of residual income.

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Market Place Website can be define as a online website that may give us some more details about the Marketplace when it comes online halfway through this year. We know very little about the Windows Mobile marketplace. Microsoft was very quiet about it at MWC - no screen shots, no specifics details. Going there reveals a mobile-formatted "coming soon" screen. This could very well imply that the marketplace wouldn't be an application, but rather a mobile-formatted website, thus explaining why it'll work on WinMo 6.5 and previous versions. At first, the word was that only Windows Mobile 6.5 devices could use the Marketplace, but we later found out that it may be available for 6.1 devices as well. Hopefully the Marketplace isn't simply a mobile-formatted website, because having an internet-based app store would disallow advanced functionality like simultaneous downloads and intelligent application updating, as found on the iPhone. willing to announce that we have added many websites in our portfolio regarding Market Place Websites. This is still in a conceptual state but we already have a plan drawn out on how we want the site interface to look like. With an ever increasing competition in the online selling and marketing business of all types of products and services, you will want to ensure that your website design and development gets taken care by more than skilled professionals. Let's it assure you that your b2b market place software will be developed by the most talented and expert developer. Our teams are really brilliant and they are more than enough capable to handle your assignment. Our market place solutions make use of competitive strategies and merge it with top quality services to offer perfect solutions to our clients. Our market place software development solutions are unique, flexible, user-friendly & search engine friendly and extremely dynamic. They are designed in such a way to ensure:

  • Cost-effective solutions to reduce expenses
  • Use Customer Relationship Management (CMR)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions
  • Increase positive relationship
  • Implementation of SEO campaigns and other marketing campaigns
  • Multi media content distribution and affiliate programs
  • Enterprise e-Governance Solutions

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