Freelance Web Developer Mambo is most popular tool on the ground of open source CMS. Our veteran developers that are able integrate CMS system Mambo & custom components and modules for these system.

Mambo CMS Customization

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Mambo CMS Customization

Mambo CMS Customization

Mambo is one of the most powerful and commonly used open source content management systems, by using mambo you can create simple as well as complex website, which will provides you wonderful functionality, and it is highly user-friendly and easy to manage. Open source Mambo CMS provides facility to create & manage websites through a simple web interface. By using Mambo CMS you can separate the look and feel of website right from the content to functionality. There is a lot of advantages of mambo, like, user friendly; absolutely user friendly, which means you do not need technical expertise to update it, flexible; highly flexible and a lot of extensions, plugins and add-on products are available, including forums, image, multimedia galleries, e-Commerce, CRM, and the most important thing is, it is time and cost saving. Mambo CMS is written in PHP, and uses/MySQL as a database. This open source CMS is easy to install, and supported by an active community. Corporate intranets and extranets, e-commerce web site, government portals, all of them use Mambo CMS, now you can well imagine the kind of respectability it enjoys.

Our competence in Open Source Mambo CMS is freelance web design, development, and search engine optimization company, and going strong with each passing years and in the process establishing itself as one of the most growing company in the field of IT industry India & abroad. We have proven our mettle in open source Mambo CMS customization. Mambo is becoming popular because it is easily used and developed in PHP scripting language, supported by MySQL database to store data. Our software developers use Subversion (SVN) for managing alterations inside the source code, especially in projects developed by multiple developers. As a provider of open source CMS solution we know the importance of it. Customization of Mambo (open source CMS) is very important, if you want to integrate the same into your website. Our open source Mambo CMS developers are adept at creating various skins and features for the Mambo installation. You will get a lot of advantages if you choose us as your Membo CMS development partner because of the following reasons, our team continuously do research work in online developments; so that they can use these knowledges to deliver excellent service to the client, well defined plan; so we can deliver Mambo CMS projects on time, each and every member of our team is highly experienced, and our service is highly affordable. Advantages of custom content management system (CMS) developed and integrated.

Open Source Mambo CMS Customization by

  • Using Mambo, our highly skilled professionals will not only organize but also create content and other documents for the website collaborative efforts.
  • With open source Mambo CMS, we organize content for our clients.
  • Whatever the content is, whether it's scripts, texts or images, using web browser interface we add them to our clients' websites using Mambo CMS.
  • We develop the website using Mambo CMS are robust, highly-extensible and feature rich.
  • We develop small individual website as well as complex e-commerce websites, web portal as well as intranet using Mambo within a given time-limit.
  • We serve the content to the online visitors the way our clients prefer.
  • We provide secured storage as the content is stored on database in a secure way through Mambo CMS.
  • We also develop websites that our clients or their employees themselves can manage if they so wish.
  • By using Mambo, we free our clients from the hassles of website management by maintaining consistent feel and updating content.
  • Loading time of the websites developed by us using open source Mambo CMS are absolutely fast.

If you have any queries about our open source Mambo CMS customization or integration services, contact us at the earliest. It would be pleasure for us to serve you promptly.