Plone CMS

Plone Open Source CMS

Plone is a user-friendly and powerful open source Content Management System and is built using Zope, an object oriented application server. Flexibility, adaptability, security, usability, is the strength of it, that is why it can be used for any kind of a website, including blogs, web-shops and much more. Plone is a content management framework that works hand-in-hand and sits on top of Zope, a widely-used open source web application server and development system. Plone is an Open Source software, which means that no company owns it. For using Plone, you don't need learn Zope however, to develop new Plone content types a bit of Zope knowledge would prove to be helpful. Plone cms is built on Zope application server, and is written in Python. Plone has an edge on other CMs because of its proven track record in security, and is based on Zope and Python libraries. : Plone CMS is a freelancer web design, development and search engine optimization company of India. Our developer select two open-source development tools to provide WACA with the majority of the identified functionality requirements: Zope, a web application server, and Plone CMS, a robust, secure and powerful content management system (CMS). Combination of Zope and Plone has the proven track record in achieving the organization's goals, and the future scalability of the site. We provide you with your own Plone site. Being experts in customization of Plone CMS, we can assist you in your site's look and feel the way you want it to be. We will assist you to change the look, behavior, structure and interaction of a Plone site. If you need a third party extension installed, we are more than happy to oblige. Discuss with us on how to make Plone can do wonder for your website. Our Plone and Zope developers are highly dedicated and committed towards their work, and believe in providing cost effective services.

On the Plone side, the system consists of several parts:

  • The plone content management backend site
  • Content Mirror configured to mirror all published content.
  • A web site definition product for Plone to create sites and assign content to them from a content area on the Plone instance
  • JQuery and CSS grid based layout tools for defining visual site layouts in Plone, independent of the Plone layout.
  • A new JQuery page composition tool to interactively build front pages using tiles. This tool can be easily extended with independent packages.
  • A simple theming strategy that allows the site managers to register themes using simple packages that consist mostly of images and a CSS stylesheet.
We are always working on additional solutions to improve our services and make them available to our customers. uses simple usable approach for e-commerce content management solution.

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