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Wordpress Integration & Customization

WordPress is a very popular CMS which has been developed in PHP programming language supported by MySQL database. WordPress is a very flexible CMS, and is capable of managing any types of websites whether it is a small individual website as well as a large web portal. WordPress integration of any website are quiet easy & convenient as it has an integrated link manager, like, file attachment, atom and RSS feeds for both content and comments, spam blocking features, advance plugin, etc. At the end of the day, WordPress is what you use, when you want to work with your blogging software and it includes, user administration, publishing work flow, maintaining, upgrading, backing up, migrating, and tweaking WordPress to meet your needs.

Pavan.org : WordPress Integration

Pavan.org is a paramount IT services provider company in India who has been providing highly professional & affordable services in web design, development and search engine optimization (SEO). Time and again we have proven our proficiency in WordPress integration & customization. Our WordPress developer and designer team provide you one of the best services, which will help you to stand out in the market. If you are looking for outsourcing your WordPress customization and integration services to India, then we assure you that being freelance company we will provide you the exact services, which you are looking for. We are specializes in building websites that are SEO friendly Wordpress websites, because we understand the value of search engine friendliness. WordPress CMS is easy to use, back end for writing content and making other dynamic changes to your site. We can modify almost any web template to use it with WordPress blog, we also provide WordPress integration, development services. Our custom WordPress blog packages will feature everything, which is essential for you need, to get the maximum benefit without any problem. Our team of Wordpress designers and web developers will gel your design and programming, and add functionality to customize it according to your necessities. We have the working experience and mastery in WordPress integration, and will integrate it with your website, which will certainly help your cause.

Wordpress Customization & Integration Services Includes

  • WordPress theme design
  • WordPress web development
  • Install the WordPress platform on the hosting servers of your choice
  • Add valuable content to your site with a minimal learning curve
  • Make your blog blog as well as website social bookmark enabled
  • Blog using WordPress; extremely easy to use, even for the most novice user
  • WordPress blog design integration
  • WordPress integration into existing website
  • Choose the layout and structure you desire for your blog
  • Make your blog do exactly what you need it to do
  • Protect your blog or website from spammers
  • Design your blog or website using your photos and images
  • Make your blog as well as website complete search engine friendly

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