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Web 2.0 Design
Web 2.0 is generally associated with web application, which facilities interactive information sharing, user-centered design and much more. A web2.0 supports a rich, interactive, user-friendly interface based on Ajax or similar frameworks. Web 2.0 design includes server-software, content-syndication, messaging-protocols, standards-based browsers with plugins and extensions, and various client-applications. These features provide Web 2 with information-storage, creation, and dissemination capabilities that go beyond what the public formerly expected of websites. Web 2.0 design style is not only looking attractive and different, but also, it is search engine friendly.

Advantages of Web 2.0 Design and Development

  • It provides different and innovative looking website design templates
  • Different colorful fonts can be placed between the contents. These glowing fonts always catch the attentions of the visitors
  • Simplicity
  • Table less coding structure provides easy search engine crawling
  • To catch the attention of the visitors, fluorescent colour boxes can be used as a Web 2.0 Development company is a freelance web designing, development, and search engine optimization company, and has an excellent track record in providing professional services in Web 2.0 design and development. We are a well-established India based company, and providing services to enterprises across the globe targeting their business and marketing requirements. Our designer and developer are quite famous for providing cost effective and quality services. Our web 2.0 development team has designed and developed a lot of Web 2.0 website. Our developer can design a web based application, which support a network as platform delivering and permitting users to use applications entirely through a browser. We bring innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies into the business of web 2.0 development. We thrive on technology challenges; our development team can design complex, secure, clean, interactive and user-friendly application for a broad variety of corporate and companies. We use rich internet application RIA like Ajax, Java and much more, which makes the website more engaging. Development team of ours believe in working closely with the clients to understand their vision and business strategy, and also believe in developing and maintaining long term relationship with the clients. Our web 2.0 development team is well qualified, professional and their creative methodology is the scoring point for them. Web 2.0 features a number of the subsequent techniques:

  • Rich Internet application methods, optionally Ajax-based.
  • CSS
  • Semantically valid XHTML markup & the use of Micro formats.
  • Syndication & aggregation of data in RSS.
  • Clean and significant URL
  • Broad use of folksonomies (in the form of tags or tag clouds)
  • Use of wiki both completely or partially (where partial use may grow to become the complete platform for the site)
  • Use of Open source system either completely or partially, such as the LAMP solution stack
  • Web log publishing

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