Web 2.0 Developer


Web 2.0 Developer

Web 2.0 means a web technology associated with web applications, which allows interactive information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design, that means in web2.0 site you can interact with other user or you can change website content. With the emergence of web2.0, it is quite easy for people to achieve higher level of interactivity with diverse web applications. From user perspective, web 2.0 is often regarded as participatory web, compared to web 1.0, which is considered web-as-information-source. There is few features and techniques, which gives web 2.0 the edge, that goes like that- search, links, authoring; means the facility, it provides its user to create and up-date content, it is continuously changing and evolving, which is a very good sign, after all, technologies are all about changing and evolving, easy to use, giving importance to content, means allowing user to create content or collaborate with other users, and in no eventuality the importance of content can be underestimated. Due to all these factors web 2.0 is catching the imagination of the developer.

Pavan.org : Web 2.0 Developer

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Pavan.org is a freelance web designing, development and search engine optimization company of India, and our web developer is providing cost-effective and professional services in web 2.0 development. Our developer has an extensive experience in developing web 2.0 based applications according to the client's need, budget and schedule. We provide web 2.0 standards custom development services for web site and for web application based on LAMP and RIA applications like Ajax and Silver light. Our web 2.0 developer team is famous for creating long-term relationships with the client by providing quality results and superior customer service. If you urgently require Web2.0 developer for your project, then we are the right choice for it. We offer you proficient and dedicated web 2.0 developer for developing your projects. As the new technologies are upgrading tremendously, you require a highly trained, skilled, committed, well qualified and experts, developer for your web development job, and we would like to take this opportunity to tell you, that our developer is to none in their respective field. Our web 2.0 developer will develop a web site which will have rich feature and user-friendly interface.

Basic characteristics of the websites using the web2.0 concept

  • A web2.0 website will be completely interactive and dynamic with a friendly user-interface based on the latest web2.0 technologies like AJAX.
  • Web2.0 websites will deliver web based applications to Internet users and allowing them to make use of these applications through a web browser.
  • A web2.0 website will implement social networking capabilities allowing users to interact with each other and create friend lists.
  • A web2.0 website should be a democratic website where users will be able to add value by interacting with the web based application.
  • A Web2.0 websites will allow it's users to exercise various controls over the website data and content (adding/deleting/editing content).
We offer Custom Web 2.0 Website Design, Programming Services, Web 2.0 Product Development and Consulting services to companies globally. Why not you Contact us for your job.