Wiki web design is a piece of server software & use hyperlinks that allows users to freely create and edit users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser.

Wiki Designer


Wiki Designer

Wiki is a website, which permits the visitors to easily create, edit and delete the web page content using any web browser, and the plus point is that the visitors are not supposed to do any registration for this because visitors get edit option to do this. Wiki websites are the leading example of the content management system, but the biggest difference is, any visitor can edit the content without knowing the Admin ID and pass word, which is must in content management system. Wiki websites promote the meaningful topic. The design philosophy of Wiki is, make it uncomplicated to correct mistakes. : Proficiency of our Wiki Designer is an India based company and providing complete services in web design, development, search engine optimization, and our one point program is to deliver profitable, beautiful and functional wiki websites. Our designer will design and develop your wiki based website, and the methodology of our wiki designer is like this, they will decide the look and feel of your wiki website, then they will send that design to you, for your approval, and only after getting go ahead signal from you, they will design it, after that our developer and programmer will do the rest. This is the normal practice our designer follows and we assign a project manager for each and every assignment, so that they can do quality check at every stage. We will work with you to classify a logical programming of website development and marketing behavior, which will take you towards your longer term goal, at a speed that matches both, your business need and budget. We do understand that a good Wiki website design, should have a lot of innovative features, and our designer will make your Wiki design, more user friendly, so that, one can upload pictures, create hyperlinks, tables, formulas, format text and create new pages, and making wiki pages simple in design, making them friendly with different web browsers & operating systems. We offer you the following features

  • Articles can be created or edited at anytime by anyone with certain restrictions for protected articles
  • The name of an article is rooted in the hyperlink
  • Articles are changeable through the web browser
  • Every article provides one-click access to a discussion page particular to that article
  • The latest additions/modifications of articles can be monitored actively or passively

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