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Silverlight Development Services

Silverlight is a web application framework, which gives you the functionality that can be used for integrating multimedia, animations, graphics and interactivity into a single runtime environment. You can say, silverlight is the newcomer in the field of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) from Microsoft, but it is giving solid competition to Flash, Ajax and Flex, it is not only growing very fast, but also, its market share is showing upwards trends. Of course, there are a lot of factors are behind it. Cross-browser, platform, and device plug-in, is the plus point of the silverlight, and at the same time, it can deliver the next generation of .NET based media experiences and Rich Interactive Applications. Silverlight can seamlessly integrates with your existing web applications, has the ability to update itself automatically, which speaks volume about its utility.

Our record in Silverlight Development is a freelance web design, development and search engine optimization company of India, and our Silverlight development team is second to none. Silverlight development team has extensive experience in building user-friendly applications that produce concrete results and in the process pushing the boundaries, and consistently exceeding the customers' expectations. Our Silverlight development team does have extensive and solid project expertise and experiences with .NET and Flash development. We give continuous technical training to our development team, so that; they can improve their technical capabilities. You can expect high level of Silverlight development services for us. Our Silverlight experts deliver web applications, which include rich content, such as, vector-based graphics, 2D animation, and audio and video play. Silverlight's web application framework allows our development team to deliver solutions that are cross-browser and cross-platform. Whether you use, run Windows, Mac, or Linux (using Moonlight technology), or whether your browser is Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari, we deliver a new interactive experience to all of them, with our web applications development.

We provide the following Silverlight development services

  • Rich Internet Applications development (RIAs) with Microsoft Silverlight
  • Online games development and many other Silverlight-based development services
  • Web portals and web sites development with 2D animation and audio/video playback
  • Multimedia internet solutions development (custom video and audio albums and others)
  • Integrating of Silverlight plug-in with existing web applications
  • Superior AJAX-based applications deploying and design
  • Different web widgets development and customization
  • We provide interactive Silverlight solutions for Windows mobile

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