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SOAP XML Web Services

SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol, which, which is used basically to exchange web based messages between computer networks. It is a protocol which performs Remote Procedure Calls (RPC). XML plays a key role in this new architecture. SOAP uses standard based technologies (XML for data description and HTTP for transport) to encode and transmit application data. SOAP has simplified to move XML data across the web using standard web protocols which is not possible in a simple way from client-server computing from a decade. This is a sophisticated way to correspond between applications over the HTTP, and the reason behind it is that HTTP is supported by all Internet browsers and servers. This is the basic & primary objective of SOAP. XML web services architecture allows the programmers to write different programming language for different platform to exchange information with each other in a more secure & convenient way.

SOAP XML Web Services by

NO Image is a respectable name in India for web designing, development and search engine optimization (SEO). We have expertise in the latest programming concepts like SOAP and XML based web development services. Our developers have the working experience, skill and capability to transfer the data between cross platform applications. It's a most secured way to transfer any web based data to multiple application. Our structured web services allow us to develop customizable web services interface, which connect with other company's web services, web based applications, carrier services, accounting services and desktop applications, supporting XML, SOAP and .Net. XML is used to tag the data, SOAP is used to transfer the data. Our programmer will design a system through which the user can download the XML file of their data in a specific format, can create a new name setting, configure the mapping, and save as a setting in their store. We are not only expert in SOAP XML web services, but also, in ASP.Net, PHP, Ajax programming, Java programming, and much more. Our SOAP-based web services favors a web architecture with many small servers that are accessed through a load balancer, providing a front-end to a powerful database server. This is our usual way of integrating web-based applications using the XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI open standards over an Internet protocol backbone. Our SOAP web developers are well qualified, professional, and they understand the value of excellent development work and always try to provide good web services to the clients. Our web services are fully professional & affordable.

SOAP feature & Modules

  • It must have a unique name space URI.
  • It should define how a SOAP node should implement this feature.
  • It should define how information will be transmitted from one node to another node.
  • It must define SOAP features that are using this module.
  • It must define it own header blocks.

If you are curious to know about our SOAP & XML web services in details, feel free to ask us your queries at the earliest. We will feel pride ourselves to respond you promptly..