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Basically components are the building blocks in the Flex framework, with the help of that a developer can prototype, build and deploy the applications in a very short time. Flex is developed by Adobe System. The Flex framework includes a very strong set of components and containers. There are a number of community components available, as well as the commercial component. We develop every kind of Flex components, which are easy to use, navigate with the site or application or other programming language. As a Flex component development company, we have curved a niche for ourselves in a very short span of a time because of our flex component development team's expertise in MXML.

Pavan.org : Flex Component Development Skill

Being a dominant web designing, development & search engine optimization company in India, Flex component development team at Pavan.org, is famous for developing custom component. Our Flex development team also provides fully professional and affordable services in Flex design, Flex development, game development in Flex, etc. We also have a set of ready-made components, which can be used in, video player, image gallery, virtual tour, music player, etc. These Flex components are dynamic, and easy to validate with your website or custom built application. Our Flex development team provides two type of component incorporation services, which are XML and server side script based, as well as you can set parameter inside or outside of the Flash. If you are looking for a freelance flex based component development company, you have come at the right place, because our flex development team has the expertise in it. We make component according to the client's needs and requirement. We create Flash component (also known as plug-ins) that ease the work of web designers and web developers. Our Flex development team is also providing complete, professional and affordable services in the following, Flex design, Flex development, game development in Flex, etc.

Our Flash developers consider following features during their component development:

  • Custom components have clear definition, purpose and SOP (System Operating Process).
  • Have custom icon for the component so make easy to understand & with proper navigation.
  • Pick up artist packages. Means they create subjective composition and treat each case based on their merits and their prime needs.
  • Our API is public one. Our developer provides greater scope of accessible channels to aid other developer when integrating their components.
  • Our developer packages their customized components in a smart format called SWC (swick) rather than zip/rar.

Contact us for more details about our Flex component development services, we will get-back to you within 24 hours.