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Online game is a passion of today's teens, you may like it , hate it, but you simply can not ignore it, this is the power of the online games. In fact, there is a lot of advantages of internet game, online games are a popular form of socialization with another game fan through the internet. While playing online game you have to think, react and execute at the mental level. A child who is playing internet game, particularly games like puzzles or trivia are actually improving his or her speech abilities, and at the same time improving his or her concentration, analyzing and planning power. An Online game has many categories, so you will really have fun playing the game, which seems to interest you. Of course, you will find a lot of people who are against it but the fact is, online games are here to stay. Flash is the perfect tool to create game, and if exploited imaginatively, then it can do wonder. Are you searching for a flash/flex game development company? Which has the expertise in flash game development, you have landed at the right place.

Flash/Flex Game Development

Pavan.org is making a name for itself in web designing, development and search engine optimization, and provide flash/flex game development for website mobiles and much more. Our flash/flex design and development team develops two kinds of game, single Player, Multi Player, as well as we have experts to make live games (Real Time).The flash & flex technology, with the highest penetration, naturally becomes the first choice for internet software game. In the game development field flex flash based games are in demand because of the facilities it provides. With our designed and developed game, you make huge ROI (Return On Investment). Get our designed and developed game at the most affordable price, place them on your website, and see the result.

In fact, our design and development track record speak volume about our proficiency in it. We provide interactive content with Action Script 2, Action Script 3 and for mobile base Flash lite 1.1, Flash lite 2. We also Integrate it with other languages, like Java, ASP, XML, PHP, etc. Although, there is technologies, which can be used in game development, but developers are showing more interest in flex flash because of it's different features. Our development teams are committed to their work and continuously improve their technical knowledge. Every individual flash/flex design and development team members are dedicated and committed to achieve the team’s mission, and back each other tremendously, that is why, today we are capable of taking any project and executing it successfully. Our development team is creating 2D flash game using flex.

Why US for Flash/ Flex Game Development

  • The executable code of your Flash Game would be small
  • The content of your Flash/Flex Game would be small
  • The toolset needs to support rapid iteration
  • Performance of your Flash/Flex Game would be a huge concern
  • Your Flash/Flex Game engine needs to avoid fancy API’s that probably don’t exist on the client machines
  • The Best Authoring Tool / IDE for your Flash/Flex Game
  • Commonly acceptable file format for your Flash/Flex Game
  • Round the clock availability of developers for your query/services

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