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Looking for highly interactive, expressive applications that dramatically enhance user experience and productivity? If your answer is yes than we have a solutions that can incorporate all your custom requirements in a very affective manners. Adobe Flex is the tool of choice for many users & web developers when it comes to building Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). Developers are picking up Flex with great speed. One of the reasons for this is that Flex programming is relatively easy to learn if you're already familiar with XHTML. The most important thing is, that the Flex applications can be developed to run on user's desktop. Now you can develop and launch an application that runs in a web browser as a desktop application. Deploying an application to a user's desktop with Adobe AIR is easy, users just need to install the AIR runtime and your RIA on their machine. You can create wonderful designing in flex because of the wide range of vector graphic api access provided by flex. You can stuff a lot of information without deteriorating the performance as compared to DHTML application.

Pavan.org is perfectly equipped to handle flex based design to give you the edge and look you are looking for. Our team of Adobe Flex developers offers Rich Internet Application development, Flex multimedia development, and Adobe AIR development services, leveraging the benefits Adobe Flex has to offer. Which includes, providing the pleasant experience in the use of Flex based application on various graphical, multimedia tools, which help us to make your project unique and successful. We specialize in building Rich Internet Application (RIA) software in Flex, playable on Flash players which is installed on, in almost all computers. Outsource your Adobe Flex development to us. we are creating professional Flex based applications for our clients and we do it really well. We have more than 3 dedicated, full-time Adobe Flex developers working on RIA software for our clients all over the world. Our designing and development teams are always looking to improve their knowledge, so that, they can provide you the best solution keeping in mind the latest trends and usability. We specialize in development & designing the following

  • Solutions for small-, mid- and large business
  • Computer Games development, including network multi-user games
  • Web site and web application design
  • Development of user interface elements, including dynamic cursors
  • Web presentations
  • Animation films and Flash
  • Animation of various technological processes and statistical data
  • Video and voice chats

We always believe in walking few extra miles so that we can satisfy your needs and requirements. Contact Us for your flex related works. We will be more than happy to help you out.