Yahoo Store Product Review

According to a recent report based on the survey more than sixty percent of online shoppers are drawn to web sites, which offer an effective customer experience, and over thirty percent of those surveyed said they are more likely to return an online store that offers product reviews. The review section on a Yahoo store allows customers to rate and review the products. Where they can write a short note about the products or they can rate it by giving ranking. There is a lot of advantage of Yahoo store products review like, you get the market response immediately without much investment, and can improve your products according to the review or rating. At the same time, you are starting a healthy debate about your products or services, and in the process, you are creating a market for yourself in a very settle way that too without a hole in your pocket. In fact, this is an absolute intelligent marketing strategy. Yahoo store product review will really help you out to gaze at the market in a more detailed manner. With customer reviews, you as a Yahoo store owner can find out what others are liking about the product, that means, what is the positive point, and what is the negative point of a product. It will help the Yahoo store owner to create a product that are timely (timing is very important in a business) and accurate, which will help the Yahoo store owner to target the customer in a more organized, and in confidence way. : Yahoo Store Products Review is a well respected freelance company of India in web designing, development and search engine optimization, and provides customer reviews incorporation feature for Yahoo store, where you can let your customers rate your Yahoo store's products and post reviews about them. Fully functional, self-maintaining (no need to receive the reviews and post them yourself to your Yahoo store). Our system automates the whole system of product reviews by letting a special module takes care of it. It uses advance RTML, CSS, MySQL and PHP language to create a review system for your Yahoo Store and works seamlessly with any editor-based Yahoo Store (requires php/mysql-enabled web hosting such as Yahoo merchant solutions). When someone posts a product review, you receive an email with the review from your Yahoo store visitors, you can add new reviews either directly on the Yahoo store or a link will be sent to them via email, when they complete the order. Through our Yahoo store product reviews based application, you as an administrator can also amend the review and alter your own links or key phrases in it as additional remarks. On reviewing pending reviews, the administrator will have the access of the whole visitors review, which will provide them opportunity to correct spelling and other inaccuracies. Yahoo store product reviews are a great way to promote your products on the store. Enhance your Yahoo store product listings with search engine friendly star ratings and reviews. We are providing professional, timely and affordable services right from the Yahoo store designing, redesigning to Yahoo store custom application development.

Yahoo Store Products Review Main Features

Customers Can Submit Yahoo Store Product Ratings and Reviews

  • Submit star ratings (ex. 4 out of 5 stars)
  • Submit written product reviews
  • Customizable field collection

Enhances Product Listings

  • Display star ratings in product list views
  • Provides exclusive, valuable content to your product pages
  • Search engine friendly/ fully indexable content

Encourages New Customers

  • Encourages new customer purchases

Brings Existing Customers Back

  • Encourages return to site to submit and read reviews
  • Allows good customers to contribute valuable content

Fully Integrated into My Account System

  • Full-featured administrative tools
  • Works with My Account product data system

Integrates with My Rewards System

  • Award customers points for submitting merchant approved reviews

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