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Formerly known as Index Tools, Yahoo has recently bought the company and changed its name from index tools to yahoo web analytics. It has been improved a lot from what it used to be, to match the custom needs of an e-commerce Yahoo store. Yahoo web analytics has the powerful and flexible dashboards, segmentation tools, and campaign management features, which makes it faster and easier for online marketers and website designers to learn about and align with each viewers. Right now, only Yahoo merchant solutions standard, merchant solutions professional and Yahoo store clients are eligible for the beta. Admins marked Yahoo store owner will get a new Yahoo web analytics header, under which they can see a link marked, “Get Started”, which will help them to power analytics for their e-commerce web stores. This Yahoo web analytic tool is really great for analyzing and solving tactical issues immediately without any hassle.

Our Expertise in Yahoo Store Web Analytics is one of the well reputed and growing company of India in web designing, development and search engine optimization, and provides a variety of Yahoo web analytics services, which starts from simple tasks like walking through your entire interface to more advanced tasks like setting up campaign tracking on your PPC, email and other marketing objectives. We do offer a different Yahoo store services to different clients based on their needs and requirements, we completely customized the experience for each one. Yahoo web analytics has its shortcoming though, the largest one being, that it doesn't play very well with Yahoo Store without some custom scripting involved. Even when it's working the data are pretty general at best. The best part of Yahoo Web Analytics is that it picks up from where google switches off, and the awesome thing is, if you have a Yahoo Store (minus the starter store), you have access to Yahoo web analytics without any extra charges. We will integrate few functionality, which we have generated from yahoo analytical to make you store more professional, like-make you aware about the e customer enters your store, browsed which store pages, which Yahoo store page is the most visited, which store pages cause the most exits, which page of checkout - shopping cart, shipping, billing or review leads to cart abandoning, etc. Our Yahoo store development team will give you one of the best service. We are providing complete services in the following, Yahoo store design, Yahoo store custom application development, RTML programming, etc. Features of Yahoo Web Analytics includes-

  • A browser-based tracking system that uses first-party cookies to collect important visitor data. Learn how Yahoo Web Analytics tracking works.
  • Complete set up of standard tracking for checkout pages and Yahoo store pages built in Store Editor.
  • Tracking code for store pages built with Web Hosting tools, and for merchants who wish to use customized tracking variables.
  • Real-time unique reporting of visitor information and store activity.
  • Over 100 reports, with the ability to create custom reports based on your business needs.
  • A default executive dashboard that provides a snapshot overview of your website, blog & web store and the ability to create additional dashboards customized with the key performance indicators.
  • Custom scenario analysis and ad-hoc scenario reporting.
  • Campaign tracking.
  • Internal site search tracking (available for stores built using Store Editor only).
  • Report segmentation.
  • Custom email alerts, event management, color-coding, and more.

If you would like to learn more about our yahoo store website analytic than do Contact Us, we will get-back to you within 24 hours.