Yahoo Store Whole Sale Hub

Wholesale hub has changed the whole concept of yahoo store. We have developed a wholesale hub to help out wholesalers to do some real business with Yahoo store merchant solution. The wholesaler hub allows you to sale same Yahoo store product with two different prices, sounding strange, but this is a fact. Now the question is how, at the same time a lot of questions might be coming into your mind like, is it not against the business ethics? What will happen to our reputation, which we have built by really working hard ? etc. Relax, the answer is very simple, you can offer the same Yahoo store product at normal price to your retail customer, on the other hand, you can sell the same product at a discounted price to your wholesale customer, for that your wholesale customer just need a different user name and password that will allow them to gain access the wholesale price. The only way to offer wholesale price in a Yahoo Store is to lock the site with a password for the wholesale buyer. It is absolutely fine if you do not want to tell the market what exactly you are selling but there are many manufactures, who want their end user to know about their product, in that eventuality, they want to lock out the wholesale pricing so that retail customer cannot buy Yahoo store product on the wholesale price. : Yahoo Store Wholesale Hub Solutions is leading web designing, development and search engine optimization company of India, and has custom developed application for Yahoo store wholesale hub, and it will definitely going to change the way of yahoo store wholesale pricing process. With this segment, the Yahoo store wholesaler will get the ability to lock down the wholesale pricing, which they do not want, their retail customer to know. Due to different user name and password the Yahoo store wholesale can access this segment whenever they feel like. We are providing highly cost-effective, professional and timely services. Over the years, we have not only designed a lot of Yahoo store, but also developed Yahoo store for different clients. Wholesale hub is available in different versions which include

Yahoo Store Wholesale Hub Development


standard version means the entire Yahoo store site has been locked even for the wholesale customer, if they want to do purchasing they have to login, than you will send him the user name and password only after receiving the required information they can purchase the product.


Professional version means a wholesale hub where it is quite possible to sale your Yahoo store products at different wholesale price. This is quite possible. That means on this version you can do your normal sell as well as your different wholesale pricing sale.

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