Widget Development


Widget Development

A widget is a single html page that is served from the web server. The web page contains all the HTML necessary to make widget work properly. Widget does not contain any embedded scripts or css. The use of widget is quite popular in social media like blogs, profiles community pages etc, because its ability to add stand-alone application and the most important thing is, host control the placement of widget, which means host doesn't control content and it works perfectly, because it gives reciprocal advantage and satisfaction with content and performance. By the way, a lot of blogs system comes with built in widget management systems as plug-ins and it work perfectly for them.

Pavan.org Widget Development solutions offer effective and expressive GUI, Web and Desktop widgets. Our widget solutions will help you to achieve competitive edge and launch your brand identity in a more organized way. By exploiting our technological expertise and widget programming skills, we will design and develop dynamic and highly interactive widgets tailored to suit your needs. we creates dynamic web widgets by using PHP and .NET technologies. We provide full-service in Web widget, desktop widget and social network application development services, including strategy, development, deployment, distribution and promotion etc. We develop widgets for games, media and other forms of gadgets. We offer you, one of the most powerful way, to connect with your target viewers or customer on the Web, that too within social networking web sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and LinkedIn. We design widgets for social communities, networks, portals and other community sites.

We are expert in developing the following

Web Widgets-– It will help content or drive traffic back to a web site,Web widgets are developed in HTML/Javascript, Flash and Flex. It can be incorporated in social networks, blogs and other web pages

Desktop Widgets-- means interactive applications or tools, like- video game, a calculator, a live sports updater, stock market quotes or a currency conversion calculator that run in small windows on the computer desktop.

Social Network Applications-- provides direct, highly aligned and incorporate brand experiences that will be shared among different people through the viral internal network communication channels of the social network web site..

We also provide widgets service for live content changing as well as CMS (Content Management System). You can use same widget for multiples site, which can come from the single server. We make widget as per the client requirement as well as we have predefined widgets. Contact Us for more information.