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Just one press release can attract thousands of visitors to your website, and at the same time, will create much higher search engine ranking by creating inbound links to your site. This is the power of press release marketing, and it will also give you hundreds of website partners, who will promote you. That is why, press release marketing has been one of the most powerful forms of the marketing campaign used by different companies. Press release not only reaches million of readers, but it is also, a network of valuable linking partners, which in turn improves your search engine ranking, and higher search engine position means more hit, and increased hit is directly related with more business, so, you are creating a chain reaction by just marketing one single press release. Our press release marketing team sincerely believes that every business has something, which is press worthy, you just need one good marketing company, which can professionally exploit it to get maximum mileage out of it. : mastery in Press Release Marketing is one of the leading web design, development, search engine optimization company of India, and has the experience and expertise in press release marketing. We not only write and optimized press release, but also, do marketing for it. Any SEO press release is capable of attracting and engaging wider and transnational online viewers. Our press release marketing and submission service is designed to maximize the visibility of your press release in the news search engines and in media databases. Every press release is submitted to the most established syndication outlets and directories, from where it will be selected and posted as content by hundreds of websites, which will definitely help your business to grow and improve your market position. We will make it sure that your press release keyword is searchable for the best search result in your industry, because it is very critical from the marketing point of view. Our press release marketing campaign is based on optimizing and distributing a press release on the most popular online press release websites.
We evaluate your press release and optimize it around key search terms that increase your chances of being noticed by the targeted viewers. Our press release team includes professional and expert content writers, who will write original and relevant content for you. You can always trust the talent of our press release marketing team, and their success rate is absolutely phenomenal. Our expertise in internet marketing is in the following, email marketing, link building, social media marketing, affiliate internet marketing, XML RSS feed, etc.

Features of Press Release:

  • Press Release is optimized.
  • Upload Video clip to your press release for no extra charge.
  • Include high resolution image / picture in your press release.
  • Include up to 3 Keywords in Press release.
  • Professionally written Press Release up to 500 word in a newsworthy format.
  • Press release will be based on your product and service.
  • All Press release written will be approved for guaranteed satisfaction.
  • Fast and accurate service.

So, Contact Us for your press release marketing related works. We will get-back to you within 24 hours.