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Fundamentally, XML (Extensible Markup Language) is created to structure, store, and transport information. XML Feeds or RSS Feeds is the quickest & easiest way by which you can submit your website RSS feed to the most popular directories as well as search engines. It is also used to update information through websites with the visitors like news websites are used to update with news headlines to the visitors through RSS feeds or XML feeds. Similarly, blog entries can also be updated by RSS feeds. RSS feeds are distributed in XML format and can be created using tags that are enclosed in brackets <> very similar to HTML. Search Engine spiders read your website updated data without any hassle, and your site gets positive ranking from the search engine if RSS feed has been implemented on your site.

Pavan.org : XML RSS Feed

Pavan.org has been providing XML (RSS) feeds submission services for many years which help to increase the position of your website in the search engines. We have a team of XML RSS Feed experts, who explore the top XML directories according to your website. XML (RSS) feed submission provides immediate link popularity to the website. The XML RSS Feed service covers all areas, including the creation of the feed, submission of the feed content from its source to the multiple website, checking availability of the feed for subscription by visitors and avoidance of duplication issues with content feeds. We have extensive experience in manual XML RSS Feed submission, and our track record proves our accuracy and reliability. We can create this RSS feed from your static website content, so that, you are able to get your site out there quickly & gain massive amounts of traffic. You can also opt for our other internet marketing as well as search engine optimization (SEO) services, like, email marketing, affiliate marketing, social media optimization, word of mouth publicity marketing, etc.

Benefits of XML RSS Feed

  • Your visitors along with search engine spiders will be easily read recently updated information on your website which is beneficial to improve search engine rankings.
  • Use of RSS is one of the best ways to promote blogs as more readers and people subscribe to your blog, and your blog gets more exposure on the internet.
  • If you are updating your website content using RSS Feed, spiders will frequently visit your website.
  • RSS Feed provides users a flexibility to read the feeds according to their choices.
  • It offer an automated content delivery, thus, you need not to visit the website frequently to check the new updates. It'll send automated information to the visitors that your website has some new content.

If you are curious to know about our XML RSS Feed submission services, Contact Us at the earliest. We feel pride ourselves to respond you.