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Symbian ia an operating system designed for mobile devices and smart phones. According to wikipedia symbian is the most popular mobile operating system accounting for 50% of smart phone sales. It is designed for specific requirements of advanced 2G and 3G smart phones. Symbian OS combines the power of an integrated applications environment with mobile technology, which brings the advanced data services to the mass market. Symbian is the advanced open operating system, which is secure and customizable OS platform for global use. Symbian is the leading mobile phone operating system, especially in the ever expanding smartphone market. That is why it is no wonder that Symbian application development is in huge demand all over the world, and it makes perfect business sense to develop useful application for the numerous Symbian users worldwide. Symbian application development is done through C++ programming and GUI platform, which is basically provided by the mobile manufactures themselves.

Symbian Mobile Application Development is a leading web designing, development and search engine optimization company of India, and our Symbian mobile application developer has the proven specialization in Symbian frameworks and technologies, like UIQ, FreeWay, ScreenPlay, SMP, Demand Paging and others. Our Symbian development team is focused on mobile application development, targeting all Symbian OS phones because of our team's experience, we are developing all types of Symbian OS software and applications including Symbian mobile games, Symbian multimedia application and much more. Our mobile programming include, developing application for mobile platforms, such as Symbian OS (Symbian OS v9.4, OS v9.5 and other versions), Microsoft Smartphone, Microsoft Windows CE, Microsoft Pocket PC, Brew using the power of VB.NET, Java, C++, C#, J2ME technologies and programming languages.

Our dedicated Symbian application developers have the required skills to deliver top-notch Symbian solutions, taking into the account all your needs and requirements. We have in-depth understanding of the multi platform application for mobile phones with different screen, memory and processor capacities. We have a dedicated Symbian mobile application development team, and they are expert in creating custom made Symbian OS mobile application. Since, we believe in long term relationship that is why, you can always count on our professionalism, dedication and expertise in developing symbian OS mobile application. We provide programming for Symbian OS using the following languages, Java, C++, OPL and .NET. In symbian os mobile application development we cover the following area-

  • Client/Server Application development over the Network Protocol for Symbian OS enable devices.
  • Games and Multimedia feature enable mobile software Applications.
  • Security Applications for Symbian OS enable mobile devices and e-commerce and communication Applications for Symbian mobile devices.
  • Custom mobile Application software for Symbian Os enable mobile devices.
  • GPS Applications and Software Testing.
  • Messaging Applications.
  • IrDa and Bluetooth-based Applications for Symbian enable Mobile Devices.
  • Porting
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