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CakePHP Application Development

CakePHP is an open source web application frame work, and nowadays there are plenty of frameworks available for the PHP programming language, which is called Rapid Application Development (RAD) frameworks. CakePHP was one of the first frameworks to port the RAD philosophy. It was developed after Ruby on Rails. CakePHP is compatible with PHP4 and PHP5 and MVC architecture and its base language is PHP. There are a few plus point of cakePHP, like it will give you one of the most powerful flexible data validation features; means good option for data based website, it has the MIT license, it is highly compatible with PHP4 and PHP5, minimize development time, the most important thing is, that it will reduce the cost of the website development, and at the same time, building application in it, is much faster, developers write less codes. : CakePHP Development is a well respected and professional freelance web designing, development and search engine optimization company in India who provide professional and affordable solution in web design & development. We have been working with cakePHP open source web application from the last six years. Our basic objective is to provide a structured framework that enables PHP users to develop rapidly robust web applications, by keeping flexibility in mind. Our CakePHP development team always looks forward for new market trends and keeps pace with current requirements of online users, that is why, we are in a position to offers you the best service in CakePHP web application framework development for speedy online transactions for the e-commerce website. Before developing any website, we do extensive brainstorming session, so that we cannot only understand your requirements, but also, how to develop your website in a way, which can be fully exploited by you, so you can score over your competitor. We always provide exclusive development team for each project, and they take care of the custom requirements, in a more focused way. Our cakePHP web application developers have the expertise and know how, which help them to develop your CakePHP web application requirements in a more professional way. In fact, our developers use the Cake PHP framework for fast application development.

Few highlights of cakePHP web application framework is like this

  • Compatible with PHP4 and PHP5.
  • Rapid Development: application building is faster in it when you compare it with others.
  • Cake is easily understandable and it sets the industry standards in the field of security, session handling etc
  • Fast, flexible templating (PHP syntax with helper methods)
  • OO: whether you are a seasoned OO programmer or you have just started doesn't matter, you will feel comfortable.
  • Cool Scaffolding: It is a great way of getting the early parts of developing a web application started

CakePHP Development Features

  • View helpers for AJAX, Javascript, HTML forms
  • Powerfully Flexible Data Validation Features
  • Applying ajax technology is a cakewalk here.
  • cakePHP supports MVC architecture.

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