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WordPress is a great platform for online bloggers which provides them to view & post their comments conveniently. So, at the start, it was used as a blogging software platform but now it is used for the website also. WordPress theme can be developed professionally on the website according to business needs & requirements. Wordpress gives you a really large amount of quality theme and templates, which you can customize to fit your cms needs. If there are a lot of authors, and you would like to give access to them, even that can be achieved, which means multiple people can publish posts on your blog. WordPress provides an easy, affordable & convenient way to develop news or information based website, magazine website, e-commerce website.The website developed in WordPress can be easily managed.

Pavan.org : WordPress Theme Development

Being a premiere web designing, development and search engine optimization (SEO) company, Pavan.org has been providing WordPress theme development services for many years successfully. Our WordPress theme design & development services are fully professional, that too within your financial budget. Our development team will develop your WordPress website according to your needs and requirements. We will provide you, fully customized and elegant WordPress development, WordPress web 2.0 theme design. We personally use WordPress as our own bloging platform and follow the development of Wordpress closely, that is why, we are providing such a professional WordPress theme development. The WordPress theme files means, it contain the content pages of the web site. We will also change your WordPress theme, and will upgrade it by adding different functionality, which will gel well with your templates. We have various WordPress theme with different graphics, menus and layouts, and at the same time, if you want multiple authors to use it, in that eventuality, we will also do that, so that multiple people can publish articles or pages on your web site. Our development team will give you access to the WordPress administrative area, where you will be in a position to create as many as pages or articles or categories as you like to create, and you will do all these, by using web browser. Our development team is also providing WordPress theme integration services

WordPress software features are like this which is listed below
  • Easy to use: - WordPress is suitable for anyone, irrespective of the fact whether you are a complete beginner or you are a top programmer.
  • Feature-rich interface: - WordPress is absolutely rich in text editor with rich multimedia support.
  • Flexible: - WordPress's community distributes a large number of modules for almost all website features
  • Open Source: - which means it is free to install, use and share Wordpress on any website.

Our Services of WordPress Theme Development consist of the following

  • WordPress layout design
  • WordPress layout customization
  • WordPress customization
  • WordPress blog design
  • WordPress solutions
  • WordPress theme design
  • Custom WordPress theme development
  • WordPress plugin development
  • WordPress web hosting
  • WordPress website development
  • WordPress community development
  • WordPress skins development
  • WordPress backend customization

If you want to know detailed information about our custom WordPress theme development or design, feel free to contact us at the earliest. We are keen to answer your all queries.