LAMP Development

LAMP is an open source web application and free software development platform, for developing and deploying simple or complex database driven website on the server. Basically Lamp is a combination of four different types of technology. LAMP is a short form of (Linux Apache MySql PHP) & if demonstrated fully it can be denoted as Linux (an OpenSource operating system) , Apache (Web Server), MySQL (Database) and PHP (Hypertext Processor Programming Language). Availability and their adaptability is the main reason, why lamp development tools have grown popular. The strong part of LAMP is, it is economical. Lamp is effective because it cater directly to the needs of the customers. One of the striking feature of lamp is, it is constantly changing and improving itself, that is why, with lamp, web developer can concrete on the creative aspect, which will definitely produce good result. Lamp is catching the imagination of the web development team because of a lot of reasons, out of which few are like this, easy to code, develop locally, can be deployed without a hassle, affordable hosting, and much more. as a Lamp Development Company is India based web designing, development, search engine optimization and internet marketing company, and making a name for itself in Lamp development. We provide custom L.A.M.P. Programming - Linux Apache MySQL PHP Programming and Application Development services for various industries. We maintain a professional team of PHP developers, Software Consultant and System administrator, who are quite expert in their respective fields, that is why, they are delivering excellent result. Our developer specializes in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl), software design application development with database integration and overall LAMP consulting. As we have been providing PHP web development services for many years, our PHP & MySQL Developer / programmer team is proficient in working with LAMP technology. We will provide you full-featured, scalable and inexpensive Lamp web solutions, which will definitely help you to achieve your website goal, which you might have set for yourself. We offer freelance development services & solutions according to customized needs & requirements of our clients. We help our clients to take full advantage of open source applications and frameworks. We have absolutely well educated, dedicated, highly skilled and professional software developer, web programmers in our Lamp development team, and they believe in providing cost effective and timely solutions. In fact, our development team believes in keeping themselves updated with the latest technology, so that, they can provide the perfect solutions to the clients, and our developer has developed a lot of websites in different industry like, web portal development, database driven website, e-commerce shopping cart,social networking, web forum development, and much more. We have top notch spectrum in open source website development, and believe in developing extraordinary websites, which increase the client's online presence. Our developer's one point program is, to give the client quality and timely services because at the end of the day that matter to us. You will get a lot of advantages, if you hire us for your lamp related project, with PHP & MySQL database Web Application Development, you will get more visibility because we believe in developing high performance data warehouse applications in PHP & My SQL, high visibility means more traffic, and traffic is directly related with your conversion ratio. You can always trust the expertise and professionalism of our developer, and in no circumstance, they will let you down. LAMP developers have extensive experience in open source technologies like:

LAMP Development & Technology
  • AdaptCMS Lite, Alfresco, Apache Lenya, Aqua CMS,, b2evolution, BLOG:CMS, blosxom, Bricolage, Byteflow, CivicSpace, CMSimple, CMS made simple, concrete5, Cyclone3, Daisy, Dokuwiki, DotClear, DotCMS, DotNetNuke, Drupal, e107, Exponent, ExpressionEngine, eZ Publish, Fedora, Frog CMS, GCMS, Gnomen CMS, Habari, ImpressCMS, Jahia, jAPS - java Agile Portal System, Jojo CMS, Joomla!, Liferay, KnowledgeTree Document Management System ,Lyceum, Magnolia, Mambo, MediaWiki, MiaCMS, Midgard CMS, MODx, MoinMoin, Movable Type, Nucleus CMS, Nuxeo, OneCMS, OpenACS, OpenCms, Opus, Phenotype, phpCMS, PHP-Fusion, PHP-Nuke, PHPSlash, phpWCMS, phpWebSite, PhpWiki, Plone, PmWiki, PostNuke/Zikula PyLucid, Radiant, Scoop, Serendipity, SenseNet6, SilverStripe, SiteFrame, Slash SPIP, TangoCMS, Textpattern, TGS Content Management, TikiWiki CMS/Groupware, Tribiq CMS, TWiki, Typo, TYPO3, Quick.Cms.Lite, WebGUI, whCMS, WordPress, Xaraya, XOOPS, XOOPS Cube, Zena
  • Adoption of SOA environment for enterprise integration
  • Strong knowledge of Object Oriented Programming and methodologies Linux/Unix expertise

You can also visit our PHP web development portfolio to know more about our work in LAMP technology. If you would like to know more about our services, or want to assess our offshore software development expertise in Lamp Development, please do contact us. We are keen to answer your all queries about our LAMP development services at the earliest.