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Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is a modern programming technique which has more features to create interactive web pages as well as web applications. Ajax programmer can make more user-friendly website or web applications using Ajax programming technique. Web application programmed in Ajax can bring in the data in the background without disturbing the performance of the existing page. In fact, Ajax is a group of technologies, which is used on the client side to develop web application. The advantage of Ajax is that it is cross browser and platform compatible, it also reduce the bandwidth use, and fast loadable. Ajax programmer is at liberty to use whatever formats or languages is required for their specific goals. AJAX programmer works with the following technologies with its respective functions:
Ajax Programmer – Ajax Developer
  • XHTML and CSS
  • Document Object Model
  • XML and XSLT
  • the XMLHttpRequest object for asynchronous communication
  • JavaScript to bring these technologies together

Ajax Developer Team : Pavan.org

Pavan.org has been providing excellent & affordable services in web design, development & search engine optimization (SEO) for many years. Our Ajax programmer team is proficient in working with ASP.Net programming, PHP programming along with many other language using Ajax programming technique. We are working with a highly specialized and dedicated team of Ajax developer, and they are developing high end web application. Our developers are quite expert in Ajax technology, that is why, they are developing custom web application with a touch of desktop application.

We are providing professional, timely and specialized Ajax web development services at the most competitive price. Our Ajax programmer's team is young but highly experienced, and quality work is synonymous with them. Since Ajax is not exactly dependent on any server technology, hence we can implement it by using, ASP.Net, ASP, PHP, etc. Our Ajax programmer is well qualified, committed, and always try to improve their knowledge. Our Ajax developer has developed right from the simple to complex web applications in real estate web application, content management systems, and much more.

AJAX Programming Features

  • Web pages generally need several applications to function, which makes it a quite tedious operation because users have to wait for different applications to load by refreshing. This naturally lead to delay in browsing for users, but with Ajax techniques it becomes rather quicker to browse as the page loads without refreshing. This is the biggest plus point of Ajax Programming.
  • Ajax lessens the use of the bandwidth, which means the amount of data that is exchanged between user and server. With Ajax Programming, the use of bandwidth only accomplishes specific demands without the need of refreshing the page.
  • AJAX Programming allows Web-based applications to be developed like LAN-based applications. Ajax is also quite comfortable with Flex and Flash, Ajax being an open standard, supports many browsers and platforms. In a nutshell, the advantage of Ajax Programming is like this, lower cost of deployment, easier support, shorter development times, and no installation, etc.
You can also hire Ajax programmer and developer from us, and they have the expertise and professionalism. If you want to know more about our Ajax developer / programmer team, feel free to contact us. we would be glad to get-back to you within 24 hours.