Backlink Checker

Backlink checker tools give the web owner the possibility to control the existence of backlinks and especially their page rank. The basic function of backlink checker is to check the backlink status of advertiser’s website on the publisher’s website. Backlink checker is a powerful tool, which can easily monitor back link status of the websites on the regular basis. To check backlinks of the website is very useful for webmasters for search engine optimization (SEO) perspective, because it gives the status of link which are posted or not on the other website. Backlinks are also helpful to increase the page-rank of the website by Google. Thus, online BackLink Checker tool is the leading solution for checking the backlink status of advertiser’s website on publisher’s website. This backlink checker will give you a correct status of how many sites have linked to yours. : Backlink Checker is a leading name in the field of web designing, development and search engine optimization, who has been developing various SEO tools. Backlink Checker is one among those SEO tools. This tool has been specifically designed for the users, who want to check their website backlink status on various partners' or other websites in real time. With backling checker tool a webmasters will be aware about the number of backlinks with high page rank, and it will also give you higher authority for better Google search engine position for your website. We would also like you to check our other SEO tools like, check page rank, keyword generator, SEO guidelines, meta tag optimization, SEO analysis, etc.

Features of our Backlink Checker Tool:

  • Backlink Checker tool developed by us, gives the status of back links in a real-time basis.
  • It also determine if the publishers’ site remove the link of advertisers’ site from their website.
  • Our backlink checker tools do not only gives the back-link stsus of Google search engines but also for other search engines like Yahoo, MSN Bing etc.
  • We provide backlink checker tool development at the most affordable cost.

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