Symbian OS Platform For Smart Phones

Symbian OS Platform For Smart Phone

Symbian is an operating systems designed for mobile devices and smart phones. The basic motive behind creating Symbian os was to fiercely guard the integrity and security of user data, in any situation user time must not be wasted and all resources are scare. Symbian OS Platform is the advanced, open operating system which is highly Secure and customizable OS platform for global use. It is designed to meet the specific requirements of advanced 2G and 3G smart phones. Right now the smart phone market is the fastest growing segment of the mobile handset market and it will continue to grow with each passing day. Symbian OS is developed by Symbian, a company, supported by many large cell phone manufacturers, including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and samsung etc. Based on the EPOC operating system, Symbian OS defines several UI reference models for different types of devices. Symbian OS is a real-time, multi threaded preemptive kernel which performs as memory management, process and thread scheduling, error handling, hardware abstraction, interprocess communication etc. Symbian OS uses EPOC C++, a pure object-oriented language, as its supporting programming language. is one of the leading developer for Symbian OS platform for smart phones. We have got expertise and know how to develop it because our team is highly educated and always try to improve their knowledge about new technologies, which is coming in the market, so that they should not get caught napping. At the same time they are professional and dedicated about their work because they know that, at the end of the day only client satisfaction matters nothing else. We believe in long term relationship. Our team can effectively handle error, can effectively work with what ever resources available to smart phones development,they know the design pattern of symbian os, how to manipulate symbian's multitasking frameworks,the most important thing, how to secure your application and services by using the security architecture platform, optimization speeds and start up times, how to develop event-driven programming to conserve power consumption etc. We have a strong technical force and excellent testing equipment which we use after developing your work so that the final product should be completely error free. Mobile phones have turned into sophisticated multimedia computers and smart phones continue to grow in popularity with each passing day and in the process capturing the imagination of business companies, business executive and technical savvy people. Symbian is one of the key area of our development segment that is why we have a expertise in delivering mobile software solutions on various smart phones platform which includes Symbian platform for Series 60, Series 80, Series 90 and UIQ.

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